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I took part in the Newbury Triathlon again, and this year was much better than my times in 2010. Such a great event with 400+ athletes and I was in the top 10%! If only I would have trained….

Time: 1:11:28

  • 5:06 Swim
  • 41:13 Cycle
  • 22:06 Run

46th overall!

Status Pos Overall Bib Competitor Category Team Finish Swim T1 Cycle T2 Run
Finished 1 46 409 Jordan Randall Open 1:11:28 0:05:06 0:01:50 0:41:13 0:01:12 0:22:06



GoPro Glidecam

With professional glidecams well over $200 for base models, I deemed it necessary to make a more affordable version for the amateurs out there. Plan on spending a weekend putting one of these together and they’re are plenty of DIY designs on google to start from. A little chestnut of information I will pass through is a trick on balancing a glidecam. This hasn’t been discussed clearly on other websites, but focus on setting the drop time two 2 seconds (i.e. time it takes for the counter balance to fall 90 degrees) and then leave the weights alone. Next, check for the tilt that will inevitably be left over after the drop time and use magnets to fix the tilt. Meaning change the virtual center of gravity of the camera by adding magnets to the opposite side in which the camera is tilting. This is visually seen below with the white connectors mounted directly behind the camera on the right hand side. This affords the user quick changes to the upper half of the glidecam for fine tuning of tilt. Now you’re ready for lights, camera, action!

Glidecam 2000 replacement

Something else to note, using magnets to fix the tilt enables you to use the standard 3M adhesive stickers, that come with a GoPro, directly to the mounting plate. Otherwise, a clever mounting harness is needed to shift the camera left, right, forward and back.

It is time someone discusses the appropriate situations to use a mobile phone. All too often I walk into a restaurant and see phone calls or text messages interrupting a conversation. Hard to believe this, but mobile are less than 20 yrs old and having a phone at dinner was unheard of. Time for ground rules to be set.

Cell Phone Etiquette

First Scenario: Your boss asks you to lunch to talk shop and an unexpected customer calls during the meal.

Rule 1: Expected or unexpected calls from customers/prospects during work related activities are considered top priority.

Missing these calls jeopardises your Pick Up Rate (PUR) and for those below 60% lose credibility. It may also make your boss question your priorities. Imagine if you’re an entrepreneur in your own startup, every customer is a key customer. Opponents to this position claim customers are ok with a voicemail because it’s the lunch hour. Instead, international business demands more availability.

Second Scenario: Your friend invites you to his birthday party with a group of friends.

Rule 2: At a social outing with non-work related friends phones shall remain off until the bill is paid.

This will be a tough one to overcome. Using your mobile while out with friends is a natural urge because phones are a big part of our daily lives. But using your phone excessively at social outings gives the impression your electronic conversations are more important than your friends, and it seems to encourage others to follow suit. Before you know it, everyone has been distracted and engaging conversation is lost.

Third Scenario: You invite a significant other out on a romantic date with just the two of you.

Rule 3: mobile phones are not allowed on the table and must be switched off or in flight mode on a date.

Whether this date is at McDonald’s or a Michelin star restaurant, undivided attention is paramount and a cocoon-shaped bubble should be envisioned around the two of you. For those of you who are sneaky, don’t even think about running to the bathroom to check the latest share price of AAPL or text a friend. It will inevitably buzz five minutes later when you’re back at the table. I’ve actually been called out on this one.

Countries Visited

I once heard “a trying time is no time to quit trying” and that was tested during my Newbury Triathlon. Two flat tires left me stranded with two miles left to hike my bike to the transition area for finishing the cycle. Well I finally made it and decided it was still worth finishing the race.

Time: 1:21:27

  • 6:21 Swim
  • 50:58 Cycle (normally in the upper 30’s)
  • 21:49 Run

Definitely an exciting race with 300+ contestants and the notoriously overcast weather of Britain.

Jordan Randall

2010 Newbury Triathlon (300m swim/22k cycle/5k run)

This has brought me one step closer to goal of competing in 4 athletic races in 2010, and hopefully I will find my last one in November or December.

I have decided to make a documentary that will follow the life of my good buddy Devin Ford. This was done once before back in the 60’s with British children when they were seven years old, and selected to represent a range of socio-economic backgrounds in Britain at that time, with the explicit assumption that each child’s social class predetermines their future.

Devin’s dreams and aspirations at 7 may still hold true into adulthood so the only way of knowing is with a few questions every 7 years…

Two buddies of mine joined me in Germany two weeks ago where we enjoyed the most potent beverages Munich could throw at us.

The only thing missing is our lederhosen to match the womens drindls…. wait till Octoberfest! 🙂

Educational Video on Europe

A close friend of mine is a teacher at the Lake Hills montessori school in Austin, Texas and she is currently educating her students about Europe. She sent me a message on Facebook asking if I had any cool pictures or interesting factoids about Europe so I decided to make a video. This always seems to capture a bit more of an experience than still images.

To make the movie more entertaining, I decided to go with a theme that was engaging for 5 year olds (i.e. castles and fairy tales) and pleasurable for the teachers who used to remember the classic Mister Rogers Neigborhood. You’re never to old for the fantasy land of Make-Believe! 🙂

For those of you interested in seeing the bloopers, I also created that version below…

2009 Workout Dashboard

My workout dashboard ended up working out well for a New Years resolution in 2009. I achieved my two goals of

  • 4,320 Push-ups
  • 13,500 Sit-ups

The hardest part was the Sit-ups and maintaining a consistent pattern across each month with my travelling work schedule. However, a more interesting pattern I noticed in the goals was why I had a major drop off in October and November. This is attributed to my early accomplishment of the first goal of 4,320 Push-ups in October, but still having more to do on the second goal. I would always do Push-ups and Sit-ups together; however, when I tried to keep going knowing that only 50% of what I was doing is bringing me closer to a goal it took the steam out of my effort.

What does this tell you about your goals?

"workout dashboard"